Writing ...

It's What I Do

Writers write. Dreamers dream. I'm both. If all I had to do was write, I could spend all day doing that. And when I lay my head down for the night, I dream of stories. Sometimes my stories are of the life I imagine. Other times my stories are the life I've lived. Many of my stories are inspired by those I know or come in contact with. 

Even though my schedule is very active, I MUST find time to move the stories from my head to paper. I have a large collection of 'unfinished projects' and plan to publish every last one of them.

Coming Soon

The two stories below are very near and dear to my heart. Writing them gave me great joy and seeing them in print (proof copies) was inspiring. The thrill of opening a package containing a proof (mine or someone else) never gets old!

A friend of mine wrote a book and after reading it,  I commented that the female character frustrated me because she wasn't saying very much. He said he didn't know what she was thinking, but I knew. So, I wrote it!

Although I'm a hopeless romantic, I had never written and published a romance novel. This is my first.

Writing behind someone (he wrote a chapter and then I wrote one in response) was fun. My imagination ran wild and it was ok to dream big. 

Standing still and waiting for  love was a new concept for me. It felt good to allow the heroine to be pursued. Through this character, I got to experience what it felt like to be treated like a lady. 

All of my children's books were stories that were downloaded to my brain and demanded to be written.

I say that because I have never sat down and said, "I'm going to write a children's book." 

The stories were all inspired by something happening in my life or by someone I loved.

In this story, I identify with the purple butterfly. She works hard to try to make the blue butterfly happy. The more she tries, the sadder he seems to become.

The butterfly can't understand why the bear doesn't respond to her efforts. (life imitating art) Just as she is about to give up,  the bear decides to confess the cause for his behavior. 

How Meg Likes Her Eggs

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