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Growing up in a small rural town in Arkansas, I experienced life in its simplest form. However, life was anything but simple. For most of my life, I felt as if I were in a fog of questions for which there were no answers.

I read as a means of escape from the pain and disappointment that consumed my life. One day, reading wasn't enough. The pain became too great. I began to act out my pain.

Thankfully, God had a plan for my life that wouldn't succumb to the grief of my father's death, sexual abuse, teen pregnancies, a secret adoption, or three failed marriages.

Today, I am journeying towards my purpose...

Author | Speaker | Literary Activist 

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An Abundant Life: Faith in Self

Narrated by Danielle Butcher

Prologue from the first book of the series!

Coming soon to Audible!


I've always had a fondness for learning. Although I entered college right out of high school, it took me nearly 30 years to earn a degree! Low self-esteem and personal turmoil threatened to derail my dreams.

While in pursuit of an accounting degree, it was a Comp I professor who encouraged me to give thought to a Creative Writing degree.

Many years passed before I gained the confidence to do so, but in 2015, I completed the requirements for a Creative Writing & English degree. Four years later, I completed the requirements for a Masters Degree in Marketing.

It wasn't easy but was definitely worth it!

Life is rarely opportune, but perseverance does pay off.